A new platform called A. Team has recently been launched in an effort to revolutionize freelance work by matching top-tier talent with relevant projects. The platform vetts and restricts who uses it, making it a trustworthy source for those looking to hire freelance workers. The network contains over 4,000 professionals and the platform’s revenue grew more than sevenfold in 2021. 

About 36% of the US workforce is involved in freelance work, and employers are beginning to rely on such workers as a way to efficiently get things done. This has made A. Team an increasingly relevant and popular platform, as it helps companies hire the best tech talent. 

Invited users- which include product builders, software engineers, product marketers, designers, and more- are put into cloud-based teams that work together to deliver outstanding results to businesses. For example, A. Team helped coffee company Blank Street create an app and loyalty program by combining the efforts of freelance professionals across various fields. 

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