As 2022 comes to a close, we look back on a year full of change and innovation in technology across all business sectors. From the ups and downs of crypto and NFTs, to expansions in the Metaverse, to contactless shopping experiences. As we enter a new calendar year, we would be remiss to not look ahead on how these trends, and more, will continue to grow and impact our daily lives. In this article, we will address three of the essential tech trends everyone should be following in 2023.


1. Artificial Intelligence Takeover


It should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence will take over in 2023, augmenting nearly every business process across all industries. The almost exponential expansion of AI has been, and will continue to be powered by the creation of no-code AI, a system of tools that enables users to build applications and systems without conventional coding. Relying on visual interfaces and guided user actions, no-code AI makes programming easier, less technical, and more accessible for all. Examples of where this no-code approach is already in play include E-commerce platforms, chat bots, and contactless shopping, to name a few. 

Powered by this new no-code approach, AI will affect nearly all jobs at some level. We will see AI being used for tasks like automate inventory management, and autonomous delivery services. At almost every level, employees will need to get used to working alongside machines to do their jobs, and stay on top of new technology training that employers will require. 


2. Metaverse Expansion 


Predicted to add $5 trillion to the global economy by the year 2023, the immersive internet of the metaverse will become a more consistent platform for work, play, and socialization. As augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) continue to advance, some experts predict that work environments will move to the metaverse, with virtual meeting spaces where employees can work collaboratively on various projects. In these immersive areas, new avatar technology will power one’s metaverse presence. Avatars could start to look exactly like we do in the real world, and even mimic our unique motions, hand gestures, and body language. 

Though the metaverse can sound far-fetched to some, companies have already begun to use this technology in daily practice. At Microsoft and Nvidia, metaverse platforms for collaboration are in development, while at Accenture, a metaverse environment coined “the Nth floor” is already in use. Accenture’s virtual world replicates their offices for the purpose of carrying out HR-related tasks remotely, and with its success, we could see many more companies following suit.


3. Editable Nature


Yup, you heard that right! In 2023, we will see gene editing technology make progress to allow humans to “edit” nature. Through the use of nanotechnology, scientists will have the capability to alter DNA. By removing and adding certain genes, this technology could correct harmful DNA mutations, combat food allergies, and increase the health of crops. 

Moreover, nanotechnology will enable us to create materials that have novel features, adding characteristics like water resistance and self-healing capabilities. As gene editing technology accelerates, we could see revolutionary changes to engineering across all sectors. 


These three trends barely scratch the surface of what is to come in 2023. Web3 progress, quantum computing, more sustainable technology, and dozens more technology trends are predicted to make big impacts around the world. To stay on top of these trends and up-to-date on all things technology, be sure to join us at Tech Up for Women in 2023!