It’s hard to imagine our daily life without technology. We use it every single day for work, communication, and even for learning something new. The digital form of education is getting more and more popular worldwide because it brings lots of benefits with it.

Education technologies (further EdTech) in school combine the learning process with gamification and help kids to stay concentrated longer without losing interest. Higher education also benefits from EdTech implementation. Students have more time to learn and research new information outside of classroom hours and work more efficiently. Online employee training is also getting more popular in the work industry, as it has proved to be less time- and money-consuming.

Technology definitely brings lots of advantages to the education system, but not everything about it is so positive. EdTech also brings lots of challenges to the table, and we are about to discover them right now. So, if you are interested in the latest technology in education statistics, this article is just what you need!