As access to preventive care continues to remain a challenge for millions of adults, health tech companies are ramping up their focus on extending medical care services into people’s homes.

TytoCare, maker of an at-home medical exam and telehealth device kit, is rolling out a remote primary care offering called Home Smart Clinic. The service includes an FDA-cleared hand-held solution for remote physician exams and diagnoses as well as AI-enabled diagnostic support and a suite of user engagement services like consulting services, the company said. It will also include a marketing engine customized to each program, support for multiple provider models and the ability to tailor each program to different patient populations.

“We are facing a pivotal moment in healthcare—after almost three years of dealing with COVID-19, it’s become clear that traditional telehealth offerings face real challenges in delivering expected ROI and outcomes, but our solution changes that,” Dedi Gilad, CEO and co-founder of TytoCare, said in a statement.