Finding ways to get creative with dating and wellness became a challenge over pandemic. Many turned to online dating as well as digital fitness and wellness routines. With millions of searches around dating and relationships last year, many took time to reflect, re-evaluate and shift how they wanted to approach finding love. As singles prepare for a return to socializing, swipes on dating apps are surging but their priorities have shifted.

A couple who met during the pandemic, and are now engaged with a baby on the way, were tired of dating app culture. Both of them valued activities like yoga, meditation or sweaty workout but they would always end up on dates where it only involved late night cocktails and small talk. Dan Ilani and Megan Baldwin fell in love over their love of being active. During the early stages of their relationship they dove headfirst into unpacking the friction in finding healthy relationships, looking closely at the magnetic world of wellness and fitness studio culture and how to bridge the gap. That led Ilani and Baldwin to develop and found the ateam, a new membership-based dating and networking app founded on the belief that we’re only as healthy as our relationships.