Recent reports suggest that the “Great Resignation” may be ending, with some sectors even experiencing a reversal, referred to by analysts as the “Big Stay.” While these attention-grabbing labels attract interest, HR leaders need to understand the factors behind job stays and the role of tech in this phenomenon, experts say.

According to ADP’s June 2023 National Employment Report, individuals who have remained in their jobs are witnessing more significant pay increases compared to the previous year, contrary to those who changed jobs seeking higher salaries. “The power dynamic is shifting back to the employer,” says Jon Greenawalt, chief performance officer at performance management platform 15Five.

Managers, particularly those new to their roles, are a crucial cohort in this equation. According to trends identified by Gartner, this year’s most highly effective organizations will embrace training aimed at mitigating a widening gap in managerial skills. The report states that low- and mid-level managers are the front line for employee interactions. This is uniquely true for hybrid employees—60% of them say their manager is their “most direct connection to company culture.”