If there’s one topic that has been present over the last couple of decades, it’s sustainability. People are trying to act sustainably in the way they live, paying attention to recycling, consuming less plastic, using bikes and public transport instead of cars, and buying local goods.

Companies have also acknowledged that this is something they have to pay attention to on a day-to-day basis – not only when it comes to internal processes but also to meet the needs of eco-minded customers and partners. What we’ve seen in reality is that even though there is a movement for a greener future, the idea of sustainability hasn’t yet fulfilled all its promises from the last years, especially with regard to climate change. Polar ice caps continue to melt. Sea levels are still rising. Rainforests are disappearing, causing a number of animal species to lose their natural habitat. And horrific fires are raging in various countries all over the world.

But certain technologies have the power to guide us in the right direction. The digitization of office buildings is one piece of the puzzle in overcoming the challenges that global megatrends like climate change and our aging society throw upon us.