For many, graduation is just around the corner, which means a new wave of Generation Z is about to enter the workforce. To that end, Indeed conducted a survey of 1,001 18-41 year-olds to understand how attitudes in and towards the workplace differ between millennials and Generation Z.

Read on to learn more about differing workplace perspectives between Gen Z and millennials and our top tips for recent graduates.

A growing percentage of people have never worked in-person full-time

Social distancing measures taken to curtail the effects of COVID-19 will likely have long-lasting and transformative effects on the workforce. A large majority of Generation Z said they have never worked in-person full-time, and more than a third of millennials concurred. Of the percentages from both generations who have never held a full-time in-person position, a majority reported a fear of missing out on certain elements associated with working in-person full-time.