IFA Berlin and Tech Up For Women recently hosted a webinar exploring strategies for advancing innovation as part of the International Tech Up Talks series. Moderator Faye Holland of Cofinitive welcomed Samsung Electronics America’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications, Michelle Crossan-Matos, and Google’s Managing Director of Apps, Imma Calvo to discuss the topic.

The conversation touched on how the pandemic has accelerated the pace at which brands are bringing new ideas to market, and how consumer confidence has been rebounding in the US. Crossan-Matos and Calvo shared insightful messages about ways companies can implement meaningful change.

“Innovation doesn’t just happen — it’s designed by humans for humans. And diversity is a critical ingredient. The innovation process is a multidimensional one and we must learn to approach it empathetically and surrounded by colleagues of diverse backgrounds with varied point of views so we can all bring something uniquely remarkable to the table,” said Crossan-Matos.