We are excited to share with you this wonderful book from one of our speakers Dana Shaw-ArimotoDana is a leadership and executive coach, keynote speaker, the founder of Phoenix5, and the inventor of Stop Settling®. A Silicon Valley Business Journal Woman of Influence and an SIA Global Power 150 for Women in Staffing, she has shifted from her twenty plus years of leading small to F500 corporations within the Talent Ecosystem. Today, she works with like-minded teams to up the ante toward the way we work and lead the voice of the new talent movement.

This rare book shares insights, tools, tips, stories and interviews to go along with a fun and simple 5-minute quiz that reveals to you instantly, where you are and where you want to be consciously and knowingly across the five key life facets:

  • Career
  • Generations
  • Circle
  • Society
  • Vitality

Stop Settling® is a method, a mindset, and a movement that helps you understand who you are, what’s important to you, and make conscious choices about where you want to spend your time so that you are able to communicate that to others around you not only at work, but in all key life facets.

Remember, It’s not about balance. It is about harmonious integration powered by what it is that you really want. Harmony beats balance every time! It’s all about knowing how to Settle Smart. Check out the book and order it now on Amazon.