2020 was a year of rapid adaptation. Companies quickly, at times haphazardly, pivoted as fast as possible to new digital solutions that would keep supply chains functioning, employees and teams connected, and products accessible to customers.

In most cases, companies found that this quick switch accelerated their rate of new tech adoption and experimentation. Plans on the backburner to ‘eventually’ see how blockchain, IoT, or AI could be leveraged were suddenly added to the list of starters.

2021 will be a year of refinement. Companies are now wiser about what works and what doesn’t, and will yet again be experimenting with how they can use newly adopted tech to refine processes and innovate in ways not thought of before.

Techleap.nl’s Rise Program is focused on providing fast-growing Dutch scaleups with the tools they need to take on the global market. We spoke with three of their cohorts to find out what new trends they see on the horizon this year.