The tech space has rapidly transformed as AI shifts into the spotlight in mainstream media. From AR-enabled ski goggles to soothing eye massager masks, this list of tech trends in April 2023 covers everything in the digital realm.

One example in the entertainment space is the ‘Emotn N1,’ a premium home theatre system and projector that is officially licensed by Netflix. The ‘Emotn N1’ provides access to Netflix’s library of TV shows, games, and movies, and delivers its content in a crisp and clear manner. The projector also comes with Dolby Audio and dual 5W speakers, providing viewers with an immersive watching experience.

Another contribution is the taco-shaped translation device by Taewan Kim. The taco has two handheld devices that may be used as either a speaker or a receiver, depending on who is talking. As a result, tourists and locals can communicate in their native tongues using the device, which will also make it easier for both sides to comprehend one another.