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Even as hiring freezes and furloughs are happening at many businesses, big tech is growing. Google, Apple and Facebook, in particular, are scooping up talent in droves.

As the executive director of a nonprofit that offers free training in computer programming, I’m always looking for opportunities to place students in apprenticeships and to help them land their first jobs in technology. I keep an ear to the ground when it comes to the hiring landscape. And I predict that the tech giants’ hiring sprees could result in big problems for almost everyone else.

Facebook alone is seeking to hire 10,000 new workers. Considering that about 70,000 computer science graduates enter the workforce each year, that’s a substantial chunk of available tech talent. Smaller companies and those in smaller cities might not have felt threatened by the big dogs before, but the job market is about to tighten for everyone.

As the world moved to remote work in response to the pandemic, tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter followed suit, allowing them to recruit more broadly across the country. Smaller cities are viable targets for having their talent scooped up by the big players.