Modern companies, especially service and product companies that rely heavily on software, face many challenges when it comes to hiring. Tech talent is scarce, and highly specialized talent is in demand.

Companies that have the best and the most highly specialized tech talent in their ranks are often able to deliver software faster, find solutions to problems quicker and create amazing experiences that result in higher revenue. However, having the best talent is no easy task. It requires finding the intersection between what you need, the new technology trends, the type of talent you can find and the budget available for the position.

Outsourcing has become a Swiss Army knife solution for companies looking to resolve complex tech hiring issues, from delegating entire projects, adding extra hiring power to HR teams and filling skills gaps to creating nearshore support teams. In my years of helping organizations — from startups to Fortune 500 companies — build their IT teams, I’ve seen some great strategies for using outsourcing to find highly specialized talent to fill skills gaps. Specifically, medium and large companies that have had great success using outsourcing and that have established HR teams look at it not only as an escape valve, but also as something that they can use on a continual basis.